Wednesday, December 21, 2005

All I want for Christmas...

At this festive time, I thought it might be nice to forget how badly Charlton are playing at the moment and pass on my Christmas wish-list to you and to Santa.

1. A decision on who is the number one goalkeeper at the club - Is it the ageing Deano? Or the youngster and "new Peter Schmeicel" Stephan Andersen? Or the Norwegian Numero Uno and Charlton bench-warmer Thomas Myrhe? Please confirm it Curbs, and then let them play until the end of the season without any pressure.

2. For our number two - Luke Young - to go to the World Cup in Germany with England, but for him to play like he knows he's already part of the squad. That means with no pressure, but better consistency. He could also help England win the World Cup for the second time, and score twice in the final...

3. For our number three - big Hermann - to give up being a centre half and return to his best position - left back!

4. More than four wins at home in 2006 please Curbs, cos that's all we managed in the league this year!

5. A centre half as quick as Richard Rufus, or as good in the air as Richard Rufus, or as tough a tackler as Richard Rufus, or any combination of the above. Richard, we desperately miss you.

6. Six goals in the oppositions net for once; that means attacking play Curbs...

7. Seventh place in the Premiership - probably the best we can ever hope for, then maybe slip into Europe via the Fair Play draw?

8. Bye-bye to the eight players in the squad who are make-weights now and who are not going to be good enough to play for us next season - Kiely, Fortune, Hughes, Holland, Bartlett, Johansson, Lisbie, Jeffers. Please Curbs, get them off the wage bill in January (why wait?) and get a couple in who are hungry and good - Ashton and Jagielka?

9. Nine months is a long season, and we don't expect to win every week, but at least once a month wouldn't be asking too much would it?

10. Ten outfield players who can score goals, tackle, run, kick a ball, and mark an opposition player; who have heart, passion, desire, and want to play for a successful Charlton team; Ten players who are never injured or argue with the ref or the boss; who can take us into dream land - Europe, and perform there above expectation. Ten players who would be idolised for ever more by the fans if they could do this for Charlton.

Just a few wishes...I don't expect them all to come true, but as with everyone at Christmas, getting a little of what you hoped for would be nice.

Happy Christmas!

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