Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Jason and the Astronauts

What's happening with Jason Euell's transfer to Birmingham then? Late last week, our Jase seemed well on his way. A fee had been agreed between the clubs, terms had also been discussed, it just needed "Pure" Gold to write the cheque (or maybe he leaves that to Mrs Peschisolido?).
The initial delay was undoubtedly because Charlton didn't want him to line up against them at The Valley on Saturday (and do to us what Bryan Hughes did to them!); I guess the Brummies thought they would save a weeks wages if he couldn't play on Saturday, and therefore left the signing till after the weekend.

Come Monday, and Curbs phone doesn't ring...

When the phone hasn't rung by Tuesday, someone checks things out with the Blue Noses and they've had " a change of priority..."

Is this due to most of their squad now being fit - Forsell, Heskey, Dunn, Izzett, and Sutton all featuring on Saturday - or is it a ploy to reduce the fee that Charlton skillfully negotiated? Let's not forget that Curbs maintained that Euell could go, but only if the price was right. He also said that the Brummies first bid was way short of Charlton's valuation. More negotiation, and eventually a deal is struck. But now it's off.

So where does this leave our Jason - one of our Jamaican internationals? Nowhere it seems. With Marcus Bent coming in he is still further down the pecking order in respect of a place in the forward line. In midfield, he is a poor third in the attacking central midfield role behind Murphy and Ambrose, neither of whom can get a game themselves at the moment!

Unless he and Curbs both have a major change of heart, then Jase is bound to leave this month, but if we decide not to sell him to Birmingham (if they are trying to welch on the deal and pay less for instance) who will he go to?

The Croydon mob are apparently interested, but that may or may not be paper talk because they had a bid for him turned down last January. Harry of the Portsmouth seems to bid for everyone (Deano is linked today...) and mild rumours have come from Jason's agent (Finnegan) about proposed moves down south in the past, and West Ham have also been interested (according to Finnegan), but they have set their sights on bigger fish recently (Ashton). Boro were also linked today, and that may end up being a real enquiry or not.

That really doesn't leave much option for Jason; it's one thing not playing when you've been out injured for four months, but now he's fit and not getting a game, something has to give. Either Curbs (or Murray) take less dosh from Brum, or Palace, or Boro, or we go for player swap (plus cash?) with Harry (Matt Taylor?), or Jase rots away in the reserves till the summer and the whole transfer saga thing starts again.

Whatever happens, people will say he's had a raw deal, but let's not forget that this all started with a stupid tackle against Man Utd some 15 months ago.

With £2 million heading out the door to Everton for Marcus, it would be good to get some cash rolling inwards, but it seems that it wil be less than we initiatlly thought for Jason.

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