Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hayes Stings Others in Director Battle

The big Charlton fan vote has gone the way of Ben Hayes. But what does this voting split tell us?

Brian Cole - 372 - 17.5%
Ben Hayes - 464 - 21.9%
Vince Nieswiecz - 456 - 21.5%
Sue Townsend - 405 - 19.1%
Spoilt papers - 423 - 20%

1. A huge percentage of the season ticket fan base did not vote (86%!).
2. A small percentage of the fan base voted when they were not allowed, or season ticket holders voted more than once, or 423 votes for Danny Murphy's wife have been disallowed on a technicality.
3. With the result oh-so-very close (less than a hundred votes between all four candidates), no clear winner has emerged.

Where does this leave the club?

I think in pretty good hands. I voted for Ben, as he came across as the best overall candidate.

I also think he will be more visible in the role than Sue Townsend has been for the last two years, and this is what the club needs at this time. Ben certainly sent plenty of notices around to me when I was a member of the Bromley branch of the supporters club.

It was an interesting month or so of election fever, and included dirty tactics, although who was to blame for various online smear campaigns isn't clear. It probably wasn't Sue as she doesn't have a website of her own, so it's unlikely her first venture as a webmaster would be to bad-mouth any of the others...It was good to see all the nominees taking an interest in blogs and chat-rooms, and I sincerely hope that My Hayes continues the neccesary dialogue between fans and director in future.

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