Sunday, February 19, 2006

Kish and make up!

I've just seen the plea from Richard Hunt, a very respectable and long-standing Charlton fan based (I think still) in Prague, to give support to Charlton's Number 7.

Kish - if you read this, we value you immensely!!! You do so much crucial work for our team that generally goes un-noticed, but you are always willing and able to give your heart and soul to the team and their play.

Every teams fans have their favourites, and these players are usually the goal-scorers or glory players, neither of which decribes you. But this doesn't detract from the effort and skill which you bring to the team. A team of eleven Danny Murphy's would be beaten every week. A team of eleven Radostan Kishishev's would not! (OK, maybe, but only because you are too small to be goalkeeper too!)

I wish every Charlton supporter would appreciate what you bring to our team - determination, commitment, will-to-win, and no little skill. We are a better team with you playing, and long may this continue.

You made our opening goal yesterday, and have been involved in creating several others over recent weeks - long may this continue, and it would be magical if you could get back onto the scoresheet yourself.

Our club, Charlton, prides itself on being fair, honourable, and respectable. Our fans should support every member of the team, whether this is their favourite player or not. The cheers that ring out when we score or at the end of each game are for the whole team, and not just one or two individual players. Please allocate your piece of the cheering from this each week, because you really do deserve it.

I hope you will take heart from this message; most of us supporters want you and the club to succeed!

We are a proud club - and you are our one and so far only Bulgarian international representative. Hopefully, in coming years, when the next few Bulgarians are playing for Charlton (or other Premiership clubs), they will look back and think that this was only made possible by the contribution to Charlton's playing history made by you, Kish.

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