Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Crossing Jordan

The appointment of Iain Dowie as Charlton manager has been great for Sky Sports. This afternoon they broadcast a live telephone interview with the Croydon club chairman, Slimy Simon Jordan - listen to it courtesy of Cynic Athletic here.

Jordan obviously has a problem with Dowie's new position at a bigger club, but issued the writ based on the claim that Dowie lied to him. Interesting that Jordan claims (in the interview) that Richard Murray also lied over the end of season spat at The Valley when Jordan's club got relegated - will writs be issued here too? I doubt it; Murray has good lawyers... No , the only people who are going to win over this are the legal profession, who must love guys like Jordan who shoot their mouth off without thinking and end up paying the consequences, twice! Mind you, it would be interesting to know what Murray called Jordan, according to Slimy Simon.

I watched the press conference with Dowie and Jordan last Monday; I distinctly recall that Jordan was the only person who mentioned Dowie wanting to go North to be with family. Dowie did not utter those words in that press conference as far as I know.

Charlton have a new manager, but not without sparks. I just hope that those amongst the SE7 fan-base who are claiming they will not watch the Addicks next season due to Dowie being installed are able to back-track.

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