Sunday, June 18, 2006

Reservations with St Georges Flags, and Funny Player Names

I had a long drive this weekend along the A12 in both directions; the section between the M25 and Ipswich is dual carriageway all the way and most of the traffic travels pretty fast. I noticed something on the way up there, and had it confirmed big time on the way back - the central reservation is littered with red and white flags - the cross of St George - that had been blown off cars/vans and come to rest in the middle of the two carriageways. I counted eleven in just one short stretch of about half a mile coming back today. There were hundreds I reckon along the whole 40-odd mile stretch I drove.

Imagine the screaming kids yelling at dad that the flag had just flown away as they belted along the main cross-county road of Essex! Can we stop, go back and get it; we will have to buy another one, ha ha! Sales must be twofold at least in the service stations along the A12 (and probably other fast roads too!).

Another funny thing I've noticed with the World Cup is some of the players names. Football fans get used to most of the players names, especially in this country, and with participants in the Champions League and UEFA Cup, so Fred, the Brazillian forward who scored today, is one name that is funny but slightly familiar. My favourite surname so far though is the Ghanain substitute (in both of their games so far) Razak Pimpong (left) - cracks me up when I hear that in commmentary!

i have to say i like Guagua (pronounced Wa-Wa) for ecuador and Fukunishii of Japan
Yea, two more good ones!
How about Mendonca playing for Angola
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