Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Will he or won't he???

The trepidation. The fear. The first home game of the season. We all feel it. And what causes it? After a wondrous summer of stress-free days, world cup wonders, hot evenings, and cricket, we get back to the Valley tonight and will see for the first time whether the bloke-behind-us has done just what we have, and renewed the same seat as last season!

You know who you are! You come along with your mate, when you can be bothered, and sit through the game slagging off everything Addick-related. That's because you are a Spurs fan, but you don't go there any more because they were useless for a long time, and you've moved to South London, and Charlton is a cheaper option, and a mate of yours goes too. So you turn up, usually five minutes late blaming the trains, moan as the game is played, criticize every player, go off for your half time beer bevy after 42 minutes of actual play, miss the second half kick off, and surprise surprise, when we are losing with half an hour to go, have a discussion about going early and catching an empty train. Last season, you missed a bunch of games, and it was bliss I can tell you! You attended the early games, which we lost, and the later games, which we lost, and missed the mid-season home games, which we won! Is that telling you something?

Please, please, please, I hope you do not turn up in the West stand tonight.

The team I expect to see start is -

El Karkouri
Bent (D)

Subs - Myrhe, Reid, Bent (M), Hughes, Lisbie

My one to watch tonight could be the bloke behind me, but hopefully he won't be there (or if he is, he's in another seat...), so I'll choose Darren Bent, as he could really brighten up my birthday with a couple of goals in a famous win.

The Pedro45 prediction is another tough night in store for the Addickted, with United in superb form in a 4-0 win. I do hope I'm wrong, but, well, you know, we don't look that good this season sadly. Maybe Dowie can get the passion and pride back...I certainly hope so. Come on you reds!

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