Saturday, October 14, 2006

Charlton links

This seems like a good time to remind everyone of the other blog sites that are all things Charlton related. I’ve added them all to my side bar so you can click on them whenever you wish in future. There probably aren’t as many as some other Premiership clubs can boast, but I do think that the content on some is of the very highest quality. A brief appraisal of each is included (just my own opinion – please take the comments in the spirit they are meant…), and I encourage readers to visit each of the sites and make their own judgements than rely on my own personal views. If I've missed anyone out, I apologise, but please let me know and I'll add you/them to my side bar links.

In no particular order…

Frankie Valley
One of the funniest blogs around – Frankie (to his friends) rips into anyone and anything that takes his fancy, and is particularly adept at winding up the opposition fans with fantastic wit and satire well before they arrive in SE7 for a game. The comments section is excellent, and there is regular contribution from fans of other teams too.

All Quiet in the East Stand
Tells it like it is – the oldest (or maybe that should be most experienced) Charlton blog; Inspector Sands takes no prisoners, and has been known to rattle many a local cage with his viewpoint.

What was the Score
The view from Chicago, usually as seen on the TV; this gives us local lads an excellent perspective should we ever want to know what it’s like to follow Charlton if we should emigrate.

SE7 Dreams
Essex based fans who joined the blogging world last season – very quiet recently…

New York Addick
Another Yankee view from an ex-pat living Stateside. Slightly more hard hitting than the Chicago version, NYA does come up with some amazing stats that inform us why Charlton are (usually) doing so badly.

Views from an Iberian Valley
Not content with US-based bloggers, Charlton boast two Spanish versions; the Wordy Nelson likes to share his opinions on how Dowie is doing, and why he is on a par with Curbs.

The classic Andy Hunt (…is wonderful) blog, sent all the way from Belize where Andy and his lovely missus now reside. The much loved Ex-Charlton, Newcastle and West Brom striker has plenty of astute observations from the ex-pro angle; not to be missed.

An Addick for Life
Fairly irregular but interesting blog, sometimes acting as a rallying cry for all and sundry.

Cynic Athletic
Fairly straightforward fans blog – previews, reports, opinion, plus great videos from last years cup quarter final! A little quiet recently…

Addicks Premiership Diary
Excellent opinion coupled with (possibly) insider knowledge, Wyn lets us know as soon as he can on anything that moves in the Charlton camp, and couples this with the action from local team Leamington. Surreal canine match reports too!

Addicks Fotopages
Pictures from every home game - well actually, the pub before every home game, and the away fans who have been welcomed in to pose. A nice change as the images mean more than the words.

Build a Bonfire
A blog that lived between the start of 2004 and the end of 2005; possibly now deceased?

South Londons Finest
Another possibly dead blog; six months was enough time for this fan to shoot the breeze.

Or sometimes called Talk CAFC, this site is also intermittent, and may be a variance on Valley Floyd James previous incarnation (see below).

Valley Floyd James
The youthful James used to provide previews and match reports between his homework, but seems to have been banned by the parents from spending too long on the computer recently.

Charlton Life
This is the relatively new all-singing-all-dancing premiere blog about Charlton – by the fans for the fans. Several new contributors, each with hard hitting opinion – extremely well presented, it’s where we would all like to be if we could design our own sites.

Madrid Nights
The other Spanish Charlton blog. Match reports and opinion when viewed from southern Europe.

Missed Goals and Empty Glasses
Occasional ramblings through the bottom of a beer glass – sometimes Charlton get a mention.

The King of Sweden
Warm and witty with the odd Charlton piece thrown in for good luck.

Opinion on Charlton from the other side of the world – Indonesia in fact. TV tinted opinion, but with an edge.

Dutch Addick
A nice sight with previews and reports, and not a clog in sight.

The wonderfully artistic Leaburns Shins is a dab hand at the drawing, so we get to see his take on how gorgeous Luke Young is, and how ugly Iain Dowie is…

Reet Smoot
An old hand – Reet lets rip with his Charlton opinion every now and then.

And no Charlton links blog would be complete without the "bible" site that holds us all together - Forever Charlton
Keep up the great work Dave!

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