Monday, December 25, 2006

Pedro45's Xmas Message

We've had the turkey; now for the stuffing. Here are Pedro45's messages to a few people with Charlton connections, however tenuous...

Richard Murray
Boss-man; have a good one. You probably won't have time to enjoy much in this season of goodwill. Keep making the right decisions, but try to miss out on the bad ones. Hopefully you can look forward to enjoying a long a fruitful partenership with another manager, as you did with Curbs.

Alan Pardew
Welcome back to Charlton; may this stay be at least as long as your last. If you do another 202 games, most fans will be very happy! Be hard in 2007, because that is the only way to make this club better. You know how the club is run (it hasn't changed that much since you were last playing here), so get it back to the level we, the fans, expect - well run, a model for other clubs, something that others aspire to. With that, will come respect and adulation.

Les Reed
Have a Happy Xmas Les. If you don't try, you will never know - You did, and now you and the whole British football public do know. Keep selling the training sheets.

Derek Hales
Killer - I hope you can get your predictions back into the black. You bet on Charlton nearly every match and you are losing close to thousands at the moment; If Pards can turn the tables, you will hopefully make some money for charity! If not, don't worry, we have 168 reasons to be cheerful connected with your name.

Darren Bent
Happy Xmas Dazza. May your presents include a new pair of boots the enable you to reclaim the scoring touch, and the desire to stick the ball in the back of the opposition net. A call from McLaren promising a few more caps wouldn't go amiss either, and that will restore your confidence.

Steve Jones
Jones-y has fallen on some hard times, and is selling some football memorabilia on E-bay. I hope you make some dosh, and don't spunk it on the 2.30 at Wincanton. I'm not going to plug it on here, because I just might want to bid for it and don't want to push the price up too high!

Djimi Traore, Amady Faye, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink
May all your Xmas wishes come true, and you get the transfer to the club of your choice - clubs where they don't mind if you fail to try, fail to make an effort, fail to wear the shirt with pride, fail to compete, fail to do anything that justifies your salary. Unless you change your attitude, we don't want or need you at The Valley.

New York Addict, Frankie Valley, Inspector Sands, and all other Charlton Bloggers and fans from Chicago, Madrid, Iberia, Holland, Leamington, Thailand, Indonesia, Canada, Scotland, and everywhere
Keep up the good work lads (and lasses); it's great fun being part of the blogging community, reading other opinions, hearing comments, and comparing notes. May you get thousands of hits in 2007!

Marcus Bent, Bryan Hughes, Dennis Rommedahl
Guys, you have tried your best for the club, but remember, if you get the opportunity to play elsewhere, you should take it. The club needs the funds to buy new players, so please leave if a decent offer comes in for you so Charlton can progress. That is what you want isn't it?

Andrew Mills
I don't know you; you don't know me. In fact, not many Addick fans do know who you are, or what you do at Charlton! What we want now is a whole bunch of good deals that show the club and it's fans how good you are at your job; if you mess up in January, there is nowhere else to go and you will never work in football again.

Mark Kinsella
Kins, I hope you enjoy working with Pards; we need your passion, his scoring touch, and both of your bite in the middle of the park. It is blatantly missing at present.

Charlton supporters the World over
Here's to a successful Xmas period for you all, which hopefully the club will reciprocate on the park. Next year cannot be worse than this, so we can only look forwards.

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