Saturday, December 02, 2006

Shevchenko - The Missing Link

Has anyone else noticed the similarity between Andriy Shevchenko (left) and Jonatan Johansson?

Charlton's record cap winner has been on a long slide down the scoring charts for a number of seasons now, and maybe it's because he has been moonlighting as a Ukrainian goal-poacher in recent seasons.

Addicks fans know how good JJ was when he first joined the club, when he topped the Valley scoring. But then, just as Shevchenko was making a name for himself at Dynamo Kiev, JJ seemed to get injured quite a lot, and lose that scoring knack.

Sheva rose to prominence just as JJ was losing form - could it have been that they are one and the same player, and the tired performances from JJ were a result of him turning out for Kiev, jumping on the BA flight, and appearing for the Addicks later that day too?

Later, after he signed for AC Milan, Sheva could not get the flights to make the Charlton starting eleven, so he had to make do with midweek league and cup games at The Valley (when not clashing with Champions league fixtures).

Certainly, the form shown by Sheva recently has been similar to that of JJ (left) at Charlton in the last couple of years. Once a feared striker who played through the middle; now a forlorn figure out on the wing taking the odd long shot at goal. It was only once released by Charlton that JJ/Sheva could sign for Chelsea, as the two London clubs matches clashed regularly on weekends.

Could it be then that if Sheva is off-loaded by Chelsea in the January sales back to Italy or elsewhere that JJ will make a sudden re-emergence back in the UK?

We shall see...

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