Monday, March 12, 2007

New Forwards and Bloggers Flock to The Valley

What was supposed to be a slow news week - my first since getting back from honeymoon - has turned into quite a busy little period for the club.

Not only have the Addicks signed two forwards, but a Charlton bloggers convention has been called and season ticket prices have been released that promise a big bonus if one simple scenario pans out.

The first player to sign was Danish winger Martin Christensen. Obvious comparisons with fellow Danish winger Dennis Rommedahl have followed, but wide men come in all shapes and sizes. We will have to wait until next season to see if Christensen is small and tricky, or blazingly fast, or soemwhere in-between. At £250,000, this Dane is one for the futures market.

Also signing was one-game triallist Chris Dickson. Having scored twice for the reserves last week, and out-shining Kevin Lisbie to boot, Dickson is a chance buy but at a maximum of £50,000, and fair bet to make money for the club if he fulfils his promise in any way shape or form. With the lack of decent young strikers hurting the club, Dickson is a short-term stop gap at the minimum, and potentially the next Ian Wright at best.

Frankie Valley spilled the beans that many Charlton bloggers have been invited to a club "do" later this month. Pedro45 also got the call. The chance for sarnies in the boardroom, plus half an hours chat (that will never be enough!) on the official line on Target 40,000, ticket pricing, Valley Express, etc, and being able to hopefully put a face to FV, proved too much of a temptation and Pedro45 will try to make it and not look too sheepish standing in the corner. It's shame that many (if not all) of the overseas bloggers cannot be involved, although Skype is being considered, as they are some of the most vociferous in their work and support. One thing that did strike me about the event was to remember the start of the movie Sea of Love; in this cop Al Pacino invites a large number of bail-jumpers and all-round bad guys to a Meet the New York Yankees day, only to arrest all the attendees as they congregate for the autographs. I can just see the lawyers for Empics waiting in the Valley back-rooms armed with large sticks warning everyone what will happen should their copyright be infringed once more by bloggers "stealing" their photographs!

This is a bold move by the club, and possibly an area-leader that deserves plaudits; you just couldn't see any other Premiership club getting close to the fans in this way could you?

Finally, the club has been bold in announcing season ticket prices that not only give substantial savings against current prices, but give a potential free ticket in a couple of years if Charlton get relegated, then promoted, and you buy before the end of April. New York Addict has laid out the figures involved - somewhere between £750,000 and £3.4m depending on the outcome - and it should confirm a decent enough atmosphere for next season whatever league we play in.

Finally, Sunday's Newcastle home match is yet another big, big game in this season of big games, and the build up has already started with Scott Parker in South London last week watching relative Harry Arter play for the youth team. Roll on the weekend...

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