Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Not Much News is Good News...

Things seem to be chuntering along one the Charlton front, but no main news to get too excited or depressed about.

Welcome to Paddy McCarthy (left), formerly captain of Leicester, who joins our defence, offering a solidity and accent we have sorely missed. Leicester fans seemed aggrieved at his departure, but then started to say he wouldn’t be missed…The Foxes results did pick up toward the end of the season, when McCarthy was injured, so they may have a pint, but his signing is welcome when there is still uncertainty around who will still be at the Valley next season.

That uncertainty abounds, as no official news has yet come out about the likelihood of Talal El Karkouri staying at Charlton. I imagine, and this will also follow for players like Kevin Lisbie and Radostin Kishishev, that unless they get a good offer elsewhere, then they may be inclined to accept new offers from Charlton that are on the table, but at a lot less wages than they are currently on. While Kish and Lis may not really be wanted by many of the clubs fans, unless we get better replacements, it may be worth them sticking around for one more year as back ups to the first team squad. The Elk however could be in with a shout for regular fist team football, so he might want a decent contract, plus extra perks for being the unofficial club translator. We shall see…

No real news about any transfers out of the club; Dazza, Rommers, Thomas, Lukey and Big Benty all seem to get mentions, but not much seems to happen.

Luke Young is being linked with any Premiership club that needs a right back – Villa, Newcastle, Everton. If we get £2 million, I don’t care if he goes.

Dennis Rommedahl (left) was today linked with the French club Rennes, for Half a Million quid. I imagine our flying Dane will be sprinting down to the Eurostar station imminently…Bye Dennis!

Big Marcus Bent is still with Daniella Lloyd, so no transfer activity there…although many rumours abound!

The Jerome Thomas to Birmingham story has fallen flat; I didn’t think that £1.8m bid could be real!

And that leaves Darren Bent. Today, it’s West Ham who seem to be signing him (for £18m, possibly including Harewood and Mullins, but maybe not…), whereas last week it was Valencia for £15m, and before that Spurs for a bit less. He is still being linked with Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Everton, and Newcastle too, so my advice to Dazza (below) is sit back, have another holiday, rest that knee, and wait till the dust settles and you can decide on the best offer; then, as long as they keep upping their bids, Richard Murray might get his £15 million and Ipswich their £3m too! I do find it interesting that David Nugent is rumoured to be on offer for £6m, and he is often seen as being ahead of Dazza in the England ranks these days, whereas our boy is worth more than twice that in the market…

Finally on the transfer front, a 16 year old youngster, Mikkel Rygaard Jensen, has joined from the same Danish club that forgotten winger Martin Christensen played for. Hopefully we will see more of him than Rurik Gislason...

The Carling Cup draw has pitted us against Swindon, away, in the week after the first league game. I doubt I’ll be heading out for that one, and hopefully a home drawin round two will come along…

The league fixtures are out tomorrow morning, and no doubt all and sundry will get very excited just after 10am, when they are released. Usually, they sneak into the evening papers then night beforehand, so I’ll maybe check that out later…

I wouldn’t be too bothered by the initial release though, as we can then look forward to Sky re-arranging many of our games to fill their Championship TV schedule; those who moan at Sunday afternoon and Monday night games…get ready for Friday nights and Saturday or Sunday lunchtimes!!!

Me, I’m going to miss the first Saturday game due to holiday, and maybe the third weekend too! Please then Mr Fixture Computer, make those away games, but not Scunthorpe, Blackpool, or Preston!

Up the Addicks!

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