Friday, October 19, 2007

Password to Promotion

Have you ever, as I have, noticed that whatever password you have on your work computer lends itself to bad luck?

As you need to change the secret letters every couple of months or so, I have had quite a few different passwords, ranging from places I’ve been to on holiday through to favourite footballer or cricketers, that sort of thing.

But it does seem that whatever password I have falls from grace; either while I have it or soon after I have had to change it.

For instance, some of the cricketers I have had – Atherton, Gatting, Flintoff, Strauss, Harmison, Hoggard – they all seem to lose form or get injured as soon as I glorify them on my keyboard! It’s the same with footballers: Parker, DiCanio, Rommedahl, and Curbishley, all heroes of their day, but all got injured very soon or left Charlton under a cloud.

Then there are the holiday places – I won’t list them, but you can guess that a riot, terrorist attack, political upheaval, or some unexpected outrageous weather or natural disaster will befall the area I have just been to as soon as I commit their name to password memory.

And I better not mention Blunkett, Blair or Mandelson!

You can all thus be happy that after a number of years of typing in some of my favourite things, I am now going to start with some of my least favourite, starting with Watford! I know I shouldn’t really be telling anyone my password, but I’m guessing and hoping that you won’t be having access to my work PC!

Why Watford – well it’s easy; they are the only team above Charlton in the league, and therefore a danger. I am confidently predicting that they start to suffer a downturn from this weekend, with defeats, player unrest, hooliganism, managerial casualties, and boardroom strife all beckoning due to my new password. This, hopefully, will leave the way free for Charlton to climb above them over the next few weeks and take their place at the top of the Championship!

If any other club threatens our boys, I’ll simply make them my next password…

Up the Addicks!

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