Sunday, March 02, 2008

Call the Doc!

Since 23rd January, Charlton fans have mourned the loss of Frankie Valley, the foremost of Addicks blog sites. Now, just five weeks later, a new birth can be celebrated in the form of Doctor Kish, a new Charlton fans website that seems to be written by a few of Frankie's old "gang".

The FV site had a whole community of commenters each day, and at least two (Marco and Ketts) who were regular posters with FV have committed to this new site managed by Doctor Kish himself, adding five articles leading up to the Sheffield United game and with reports and reaction after the good win at Bramall Lane.

As a regular reader of Frankie's site myself, it will be good to hear how the old gang are coping after five weeks without the godfather that was FV.

The site looks good, has many of the key features that Frankie's site used to (splitting out the blog and press stories about Charlton for instance), and gives access to a number of same-day articles in one place.

What isn't known is if FV's North London correspondent Paxton Sprout (who wasn't a Charlton fan...) will be contributing to the site or if he is still suffering from a mega-hangover after last weekends Wembley win?

Also unknown is if these guys will be able to tempt Frankie Valley himself out of retirement, as getting the man himself to pen a few words every now and then would be a real coup...

Good luck Doctor!

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