Monday, August 11, 2008

Key to Success

Charlton Athletic 2 Swansea City 0

Five texts; two goals; and three points – a good start to Charlton's 2008/9 season thank you.

Breakfast time (OK, a late breakfast, but purportedly the “best breakfast in the world”!) on Sanibel Island at kick off was enriched by text messages flashing across the Atlantic from the Valley. Yes, Weaver was fit and in goal. As my friend continued he only keyed Youga and then Hudson, before adding 1-0. It was only 10.03, so a pretty quick goal for a change! At first it looked like an unlikely goal - Weaver to Youga, to Hudson, and 1-0. My imagination played out the goal many times as Youga beat eight players before crossing for Hudson,who had surged forward from the kick off and headed in. Only once the next text came (which started Fortune, Semedo, Shelvey, Racon, etc), did I realise my mistake and the first text was merely the start of the team news!

There does seem to have been debate about who scored the first goal - Hudson or Gray – but Fortune added a second half second, and the Swans had someone sent off. There is a limit to what you can say in texts...

Apart from that, I don't have much news of the game as web access here is still problematic; sadly the blokes who sit behind me are still there this season I'm told (Spurs tickets still being expensive, I guess they had no choice?), so I hope they didn't moan too much after a win. Hopefully the crowd exceeded 20,000 as expected and continued the clubs proud claim of not dipping below that figure for over 150 consecutive league games.

Yeovil on Tuesday will be a lot more low key, and I expect Pards will give some of the squad a run out in an effort to save the legs of the first team. As my wife went to school in the Somerset town, a defeat is not an option for the Addicks please!

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Three points to clear up.
1) Hudson definitely scored the first
2) Gray definitely scored the second.
3) the 'attendance' was announced as in excess of 21000. Actually there was more like 17-18000 present.
I just wish Charlton would stop announcing these fantasy 'gates' and announce either 'tickets sold' or an accurate 'through the turnstiles' figure.
Apart from that, it was a poor game but a good result. Let's hope the team can improve as the season moves on.
you should find a friend who knows how to text ... other than that have a good holiday and look forwar to seeing you at the Valley soon :-)
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