Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Quantum of Solace

Charlton Athletic 1 Barnsley 3

I have lacked any motivation to write up a report on yesterdays game, it was that depressing, but having read most of the other Charlton blogs this morning, here’s what they are saying -

Charlton were a shambles.
New York Addick

…the team lacked passion, motivation, direction and leadership both on the field and off.
From the Hill to The Valley

The players should be good enough, and at present Pardew is not good enough.
Deepest Darkest

Once again throughout the game his body language was negative and passive.
Addicks Championship Diary

15 points from 15 games this season, what makes an average of 1 point per game but come on that is not good enough!
By the Sword

This is the problem, we have the players but the team spirit, the life blood of Lennie Lawrence and Curbishley teams is gone and that is not the responsibility of the players it is what managers are paid for and if Pards can't do it, then we need someone who can by the next home game. From the Hill to The Valley

As the waters rise above our manager, he seems ever more determined to stick with ways which really don't work.
Inspector Sands

We are not a team, we lack pride and passion and certainly there are too many players on the park who are not willing to give all for the shirt.
Charlton North Downs

The players are not playing for the manager.
Drinking During the Game

If Pardew is not removed we will be relegated.
Roehampton Addick

I have tired of his arrogance, his myriad of excuses and our poor performances and results.
New York Addick

He’s pretty much lost the fans and the players are giving no indication that they want to play for him.
Blackheath Addicted

These are not my words, but other bloggers. My position is clear - I have wanted the Redvolution for some time; Pardew must leave Charlton.

Charlton started the game yesterday with another tinkered team sheet; Josh Wright came back into the starting eleven, as did Grant Basey, and (surprisingly) Andy Gray. Within two minutes, the first goal was conceded, and before half time, two other set plays had seen the ball finish in the net behind Nicky Weaver.

Charlton’s only efforts were a Lloyd Sam volley that went over when it was 1-0; a Gray shot on the turn that went wide when it was 2-0; and a Darren Ambrose thunderbolt that was blocked.

With Hameur Bouazza on for the out of sorts Sam at half-time, the formation switched to the 4-2-3-1 that was tried initially against Bristol City, few other chances were manufactured though. Mark Hudson scored in much the same way Todorov did last Saturday – from a Basey free kick wide right, but it was too little, too late.

"Pardew out" sang the crowd; AP stood with arms folded, immobile.

Whether the Board need to inform the Stock Exchange first, and are therefore leaving news of his departure until tomorrow morning, or if they will give him two tough away games at Plymouth and Birmingham to seal his own fate, remains to be seen.
One thing is now certain – “SAP” must go ASAP!

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Pedro Ive joined the Redvolution
The principal reason why we are so abject is the midfield . It has needed sorting out for a few years . The worst player by a country mile is Ambrose and the problem is that as he hides so much , he puts undue pressure on the others ,when Nicky Bailey looks up to pass there is noone within 20 yds to give it to , consequently even he has started to look poor. When the defenders want someone to pass to , Darren is conveniently looking the wrong way or hiding behind one of their players. He gives away countless cheap free kicks and never closes down wingers or full backs and then towards the end of the game he just gets in the way of the forwards ( like yesterday).
Until he is dropped there is no way forward for the club because his presence saps the confidence from the others.
Where oh where is Mr Ambrose?

To say I am a big fan of Darren Ambrose is the over statement of the year. Why does Pardew insist on playing him and immediately give the opponents a numerical advantage.

Saturday's game versus Barnsley was all too much for me and I had to quickly google Gerry Cottle's circus on my mobile as their search for clown had ended at the Valley.

Once again Mr Ambrose's inabillity to control a ball on his own box resulted in the 2nd goal. He huffed & puffed with arms pumping as fast as he could - with Darren 'the barrel' Moore casually jogging back and outpacing him.

His inability to jump or attempt to jump for headers reminded me of all the Scandinavians we have had and had a similar fear of heights.

He seeks out every blade of grass that has at least 3 players in the same areas but insists on calling for the ball.

What else, oh yes, Mr Ambrose's beautifully directed header wide of the post from point blank range. The left foot sweep into the net that wouldn't have gone a miss in teaching a 5 year old a fresh air shot in golf. His need to take 2 no 3 no 4 touches to steady himself for a shot on goal and by then all too late.

I saw a question on the CAFC fan site about the switch of Campo for Ambrose and was it a good deal - for Charlton, a damn good deal! At the moment I would take a tractor in part-exchange for Mr Ambrose.

God only knows why he keeps getting picked. But have a think and do the maths, Alan Pardew 47yrs old, Darren Ambrose 24yrs old. There is a similar streaky look to them both. So back in the summer of 1983....
Loan deals and swaps are now the plan. With a possible South African investment doing the rounds, how about getting Mandela in to boost the team. Failing that it will be some second rate Premiership reject that we have never heard of.
Ambrose for Campo - Who cares?
We need a centre back, a midfield playmaker and a goal scorer. Surely not even Pard's can pull this out of the bag before he takes a bullet.

Longing for the REDvolution!!
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