Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Redvolution Starts Now!

Just as I posted Waggy’s letter home, I read the news – SAP has finally packed his bags and is leaving ASAP.

I’m not going to be nasty about the man, but I am glad he has left Charlton. For a couple of months now he has lost the plot and not been leading the Addicks in the way we would expect a man of his stature to do. Sure, he has had to work under budgetary constraints, but then so does every manager in football (even Mark Hughes!).

The simple facts are that he lost the dressing room, lost the fans, and lost all semblance of hope when he just wouldn’t stop tinkering with the team every week, and then came out with a host of excuses that blamed everyone and everything apart from himself.

Now the club moves on, and Phil Parkinson is in charge for the game on Tuesday night at Loftus Road, in a clash of two brand new managers.

I doubt we will see an immediate upturn in fortune (we never seem to get the new manager kick some other teams get…), but hopefully, we can now plan a longer term strategy (that isn’t based on only being two/three/four wins off a play off place…) and aim to retain our position in this division and get stronger next year.

The key question that the board will be asking over the next few days is whether Phil Parkinson is the man they want to lead that turnaround, or if some of the other names being bandied about are realistic options.

The King is Dead, Long Live the King!

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Well it is here. Now we have to act on it. It is strange that we have had to suffer ultimate humiliation before the decision was made. As for Master Waghorn, not only must he be confused but god willing that the rest of the support staff wanted him or he may get home before the letter sent on saturday arrives.

I do hope he wasn't dossing on Mr P's sofa otherwise he could be homeless.

Let's hope we can do a Del Boy over the west end and rob the gang with the bling!!! Let's leave Ali G and the massive in tears (of sumthing like dat anyway!)
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