Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Smelly Bottom

Charlton Athletic 1 Coventry City 2

Ooh that was a horrible game wasn't it? Poor play, injuries, yellow cards for silly fouls that may hurt later in the season, a small crowd, freezing cold weather, an awful ref and inept linesmen - what we go through as Charlton fans eh?

Not much happened early on, except Jay McEveley hurt his shoulder; what is it with full backs and shoulders? Crainie on Saturday, although he was declared fit enough to start last night, and then the left back tonight!?! Holland came on midfield and Semedo swithced to full back, thus weakening both areas. Charlton did have some posession, but not much, and the first real effort came on 35 minutes when Hudson headed a rare corner straight at the keeper. Late in the first half, Simpson volleyed home a left wing cross and the crowd took a collective deep breath. How many times have we come from behind this season? Not many, if at all!

At half time it was doom and gloom. But within five minutes, Izale McLeod, getting a rare start and only just performing better than his previous dire 45 minutes a month or so back, broke into the area, tmbled over, and the ref took an age to point to the spot. Burton (above) was the chosen taker, as Gray was still warming the bench at that time, and he just about got it in between the posts and under the bar, after a jittery nervous run forward.

Mucho celebration. Could this be the turning point? No of course not! Hudson fell to the grouond and akin to expert Jorge Costa, obstructed the forward while he writhed around a bit in the mud 35 yards out. The ref kept moving theball back and the blue shirts pushed it forward, so it took a while to take the kick. Then it was Fox who stepped up and stroked home in off the post with Weaver struggling still to get across the goal. Ouch. Not nice - less than a minute to wonder what might yet to come.

What happened afterwards was even worse play from the Addicks. Crainie's distribution continues to be attrocious; Fortune and Hudson were solid in defence but lacked respsonsiblity when trying to prompt attacks; Semedo tries, but isn't in form; Holland had an awful evening in midfield but he wasn't as bad as Bailey (left, whingeing again), who is simply not worth a place in the reserves on this form! McLeod replaced the anonymous Gillespie (I lifted that wording from Saturday's report - I'm a bit worried about repetition here with Dizzy...) on the right wing but improved little; Bouazza sulked out wide; and the forwards - Burton, McLeod, plus subs Gray and Todorov - all contributed very little, though I may be being a bit harsh on Burton. Burton is at least showing more skill and tenacity in two weeks than Gray has in the (almost) year he has been with Charlton - harsh but fair!

Of course, the crowd showed their displeasure...It wasn't as bad as the Wycombe game two years ago, but it wasn't far off it!

So where to now? Parkinson has tried hard, but it wouldn't surprise me if that was his last game in charge. He has given players a chance, but hasn't had an ounce of luck. I don't know if the board can wait any longer or if they will persevere until January and then look for Parky to wheel and deal his way to a better team.

What is true, and this was overheard in several conversations in the bar too, is that if the loan players are not cutting it, why not give full time employees a chance for a go, including (where appropriate) the youngsters. Jonjo Shelvey is very young, but he is a winner, and he would try his hardest every game. So would Harry Arter (if fit and when back from his loan spell), and even Josh Wright could improve. Youga is likely to come back intot he team now McEveley is out for a while, though Basey is also an option.

Next Monday will be the last chance for Linvoy Primus before he goes back to Portsmouth (though I don't expect him to play), and we need to see Martyn Waghorn again soon or his month will have been a waste for all parties.

Wheter Parky is in charge, or someone else, they need to get rid of the bad smell about The Valley, and soon!

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Excellent title Pedro!

Pembury Addick
Very good summary if I might say so. Just one minor point for the record though. Holland started with Semedo on the bench. The latter then came on to play left back when McEveley got injured.
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