Friday, February 06, 2009


I suppose that it is some relief that Charlton's weekend game against Cardiff has been postponed due to the state of The Valley pitch, according to Andy D’Urso. One of the Premiership’s least liked referee’s (especially by Roy Keane) deemed the surface unplayable this lunchtime, while all around, the snow was melting. He seemed unduly worried about the melting snow freezing tonight in the forecast sub-zero temperatures. If this cancellation has anything to do with the weather in South Wales, or conditions on the motorways between the Severn River and South London, I will be appalled, as Charlton were made to do the opposite journey on Monday in very similar weather conditions. This could be another case of the “gods” conspiring against the Addicks…

However, bearing in mind the current injury situation – with Mark Hudson still doubtful, Zheng Zhi only just returning to training, and Jose Semedo still a month away from playing again at least – this postponement is no bad thing for the club. I think an effort will be made to have the game re-scheduled within three weeks (which was always the line with Premiership matches that were called off…), but it is not always so easy to fit games in during that period in the Championship, especially as Cardiff are still in the FA Cup (after their 4th round replay was postponed in midweek versus Arsenal). Suffice to say that Charlton will probably be keen to put the game back to as late in the season as they can in an effort to play the match when they have some decent form (if that is ever going to be possible again?)… The club are saying that the game will be fitted in later in the season, but no specific dates have yet been mentioned.

With this game being called off, Charlton have to wait until next Saturday for a match (provided that the snow and ice has disappeared by then…), and that is the very winnable (fingers crossed) one against an average Plymouth Argyle team that was nearly beaten at Home Park earlier in the season.

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"and that is the very winnable..." what does this phrase mean, I remember hearing it oncebut have lost all recollection of its meaning
KK - None in November or December but twice in January...lest we forget!
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