Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Winner at Last

Saturday’s game with Hartlepool may be a victim of the weather, but at least Pedro45 was a winner this week – after being a member for about 17 years (1989 – 1993, then since 1996…), my number finally came up on Valley Gold! It’s the first time that I have won anything with my Valley Gold number, and I am more than chuffed with the ten pounds voucher I received for winning the Internet Daily Draw.

Of course, I didn’t join Valley Gold to win money (or vouchers), but it is a nice bonus to know that, despite my many remonstrations that my number had been forgotten and/or discarded, I was still in with a chance when all those 20, 15, and ten grand winners were being pulled out at matches over the years.

I didn’t actually realise I’d won until I got the letter from the administrator yesterday, despite the winning names being published on the Charlton website news ticker at around 1pm each day. I’m not even sure which day I won on, although the letter to me is dated 4th January 2010.

I remember back to the early days of Valley Gold when the weekly winning numbers were pulled out of a big drum on the pitch; I may be cynical, but it was amazing to hear that well known figures working at the club (from Supporters Club Chairman to Fanzine editors, and everyone except me in between…) were regularly picking up £500 here, and £100 there from their winning tickets. I remained faithful though, and the Valley Gold wait has finally been rewarded.

In the spirit of people who win things more often than me, I would like to thank my friends and family for supporting me during the good times and the bad, but most of all, I’d like to thank all the players who make coming along to support Charlton such an honour.

Now, do I spend my voucher or shall I just frame it???

PS - Is there anyone else out there who has been a member as long as me who has yet to win anything?


When they had small prizes I used to win quite a few. And I did wim £500 when it was the main prize.
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