Sunday, January 09, 2011


I did one of the most stupid things I have ever done today; well, not actually today, but this morning was when I found out what I'd actually done...

On Monday, before the utter humilation we suffered at the hands of Swindon, I returned some tickets for postponed games to the Charlton box office. The Rochdale and Hartlepool away games had been called off due to the December snows, and I had no chance to go to the midweek re-arrangments. Also, the five additional tickets I bought for the Boxing Day home game against Southampton would also now not be used by friends and relations, so they formed part of the £65-100,000 that the club thought it would lose by Andy D'Urso's over-reaction to the cold. I picked them all up out of my Charlton stuff-bundle at home, which includes programmes, ticket stubs, Valley Gold news etc, put them in my pocket, and handed them all over in one go at the Commercial Centre. The nice lady refunded all of my expenditure without much hassle once I'd filled in the form she wanted.

This morning, excited as always on FA Cup third round day, I woke early, had a bath, got dressed and went to pick up all the stuff I'd need for a cold day n North London watching the Addicks. I worked my way through the above mentioned bundle, and I was surprised how low I was having to go searching for my Tottenham Hotspur ticket. I thought I'd found it, deep down the pile, but then saw that the blue ticket was not for Spurs, but for Rochdale.

Then it dawned on me...

Yep, on Monday, I'd taken my Spurs ticket back for a refund instead of the Rochdale one! OMG!!!

With the game a sell-out, I have no chance of getting another, nor would I want to sit anywhere other than with Keith Peacock's red and white army of fans. I am stuck with listening on Player, or trying to get a live stream.

I feel like such a plonker. It will get worse if we get a result too...

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There's not much that can be said...only hope you get the next round to celebrate.

never mind Pedro - the boys lost just for you!

Pembury Addick
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