Thursday, February 03, 2011

Darren Sheldrake - Retrospective Images

Darren specialises in upsetting League One teams - here he is during the Brighton vs. Bournemouth game.

Mind, he can dish red cards out too, with Macclesfiled players wondering what's going on here...It is unclear at this point if Darren changed his mind either before handing out the red card or afterwards.

Darren's career highlight came this week, when he got to change his mind twice. Here, he tells Colchester players that it might be a goal, but don't get your hopes up.

After saying yes it was a goal, Darren wondered if anybody heard him blow his whstle well before the ball went in. sadly for him, the fourth official, and 13,800 other people, did, so he had to disallow the goal he had given.

Here he is telling those same Colchester players that it wasn't a goal after all.

Darren Sheldrake's last ever football match was on 1st February 2011.

Football fans and players have to be some of the thickest individuals around. A player can be on 100k a week plus and yet miss open goals galore etc. A fat thick tattooed chav of a fan who has probably never played a game in his life, is an expert on all aspects of the game and yet, if a referee makes a debatable decision, he is hung out to dry.
Footballers are the most dumb of all sportspeople and a large part of the fans are moronic beyond belief.
EMCC - You a ref?
I'm not a chav or thick, nor do I have a tattoo, but I am little rotund these days; I have played football but I am no expert; I am not on 100k a week either, but I love watching football, having been a fan for over 40 years.
Review the facts - Sheldrake (and this might be you?) made a huge error on the night, and tried to cover it up. It took the other officials to difuse an even bigger error in that Sheldrake wanted to carry on. Thankfully some officials do know the rules, and I roundly applauded them in my piece. Darren should hang his head in shame and front up to his massive error. If I made that sort of mistake in my job, I would have been out on my ear!
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